i make some cool stuff for wallpaper engine, check it out.

mirrors (copies of other stuff) (original unavailable) (original unavailable)
ussr home computer tape rip (original unavailable) (original inaccessible) (original unavailable) (original inaccessible)
i have no mouth and i must scream (original unavailable) (original unavailable) (original inaccessible) (original unavailable)

miscellaneous (my other shit)

ich_iel podcast (podcast recorded in discord)
specki (not-so-generic discord robot)
poolloader (pretty bad e621 pool downloader)
gtb16shcp (base16 palette guessing game)
sincostan (a small, stupid math game)
wallloader (wip android wallpaper downloader)
tweet finder (finds tweets from text)
color circles (svg experiment i guess)
vgmloader (khinsider album downloader)
stld (subreddit stylesheet downloader)
material (material design theme for retroarch)
script.svg (example svg file containing javascript)
my pgp key (be aware of efail when using)

// what I watch on trakt play on steam listen to on //

// contact me via twitter @rcrsch mail discord @roesch#0611 //

i take photos sometimes. you can see one in the background right now :)
if you're interested, you can check out my unsplash, all pictures are cc0 licensed.

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